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Lyrics of Life 2
Set of 3 Silkscreen prints on newspaper
11" × 22"

To me, obituaries are the typographic equivalent of cemeteries. I wanted to explore the affect of overlaying the lyrics on top of the obitz.

The song lyrics are about loss of love, from Blues and Rock songs:

Gold: Stay, 1960 by Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs

Silver: You May, 1957 by Joseph Leon Williams

Bronze: The Sky Is Crying, 1959 by Elmore James

Together they form a soft rebellion and protest against the inevitable.

The newspaper is acidic. It, too, will eventually fade, become brittle and fall apart. How fun!

Exhibition: The Seeing of Sound
Art League Rhode Island, VETS Gallery
Providence, RI
Dec 5, 2019 – Feb 14, 2020
Juror: Karen Rand Anderson and Lisa Churchville

Exhibition: Water Street Studios
December 13–15
Winterfest art market: A three-day art and fine craft sale in collaboration with water street studios, artisan collective Batavia, and Batavia Mainstreet
Batavia, IL